Amber of the Ancient Spider (4e Equipment)

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Amber of the Ancient Spider Level 2+ {{{rarity}}}
This orb is an amber containing an ancient, fosilised spider, enabling you to tap into ancient arachane power.
Level 2 +1 520 gp Level 17 +4 65000 gp
Level 7 +2 2600 gp Level 22 +5 325000 gp
Level 12 +3 13000 gp Level 27 +6 1625000 gp

Implement (Orb)
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d12 poison damage per plus
Power (Arachane, Poison) ♦ At-Will (Free Action)
All damage dealt by powers using this holy symbol is poison damage. Another free action reterns the damage to normal.


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