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Ambassador of Obad-Hai[edit]

Nature is wisdom incarnate

Those wise enough to realize that nature was/is/and always will be the original power, worship it with complete devotion. The rest are fools.

Becoming an Ambassador of Obad-Hai[edit]

A strong connection with nature draws characters to this prestige, the vast majority being Druid's due to their already high affinity for nature. However Rangers have been known to become Ambassadors.

Entry Requirements
Alignment: Any neutral.
Skills: Knowledge(Nature) 10 ranks, Knowledge(Religion) 3 ranks, Concentration 10 ranks.
Abilities: Wisodm 18+.
Special: To complete the ritual of becoming an Ambassador, a candidate must spend 24 uninterrupted hours of meditation within a forest or similar dense natural area.
Table: The Ambassador of Obad-Hai

Hit Die: d10

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +0 +2 +0 +2 Nature's Fury, Nature's Tether, Pulse of Nature
2nd +1 +2 +0 +2 Improved Trackless Step
3rd +2 +2 +1 +2 Nature's Chalice, Nature's Fuel, Oaken Slumber
4th +3 +3 +1 +3 Meadow's Embrace
5th +3 +4 +1 +4 Natural Barrier
6th +4 +4 +2 +4 Improved Oaken Slumber
7th +5 +5 +2 +5 Guise of Nature
8th +6 +5 +2 +5 Oaken Warrior
9th +6 +6 +3 +6 Deep Meditation
10th +7 +7 +3 +7 Oaken Army

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level)
Same as base class.

Spellcasing (+1 Existing Divine Class)

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of an Ambassador of Obad-Hai.

Nature's Fury (Su):

An ambassador of Obad-Hai is one with nature. She can sense and feel the pulse of the world and therefore feels when nature has been injured. When nature has been harmed its anger pools energy around the site. On its own nature can rarely direct the masses of energy and it dissipates over time.
An ambassador of Obad-Hai, being the great bridge between the two worlds can harness this energy to retaliate upon the one whom caused the destruction. Nature’s fury allows an ambassador of Obad-Hai to channel the energy of nature as fuel to cast a bolt of natural energy. The target of the spell can be only: the cause (person, creature, etc) who caused the harm.
The Orc’s lack of respect for nature and its unrelenting torture of nature is a main source of Obad-Hai’s anger. Therefore, an Ambassador whom encounters an orc or half orc may use Nature’s fury at will. 1 action per orc, per encounter. This ability can be used as a free action.
Required energy: The natural energy required for spells cast through nature’s fury utilize the energy pooled by nature; therefore, they do not require energy the use of a spell slot.
Damage:1d6 every two levels taken in Odad-Hai’s ambassador.
Range:100ft +10/caster level
A character wilth levels in Druid may stack her caster level(Rangers may stack half their caster level, rounded down; 0=1).
(Range in this sense refers to how far away an Ambassador can sense damage caused to nature.)

Nature's Tether: (Ex):

An Ambassador, being the great bridge between the divine world and the natural world, must maintain her close relationship with both by spending at least one hour per day meditating in nature. Without this, her ability to connect the two worlds diminishes and she no longer gains the bonuses from the Pulse of Nature. In order to reestablish her connection she must spend two hours meditating in nature for every one day of meditation requirement missed. Meditation time need not be consecutive.

Pulse of Nature: (Ex):

Being so closely connected to nature, the Ambassador gains the following bonuses from Pulse of Nature.
Bonus: -2 Cha, +1 Wis, -1 Str,+2 Init, +2 Concentration,
+4 Knowledge(Nature), +2Knowledge(Religion), +3 Survival.

Improved Trackless Step: (Ex):

Nature comes to the aid of the Ambassador to allow the entire party to become un-trackable in a natural setting. Grass, trees, and the breeze all respond to cover up any trace of the party. An Ambassador may ask nature to subside or create a false trail if desired.

Nature's Chalice: (Ex):

After proving herself worthy, through another session of 24 uninterrupted hours of meditation in nature, Obad-Hai grants an Ambassador the ability to store natural energy within her. This 24 hour requirement is an initial requirement and thus only needs to be completed once.
This natural energy is the power source for all spells and spell-like-abilities gained from Ambassador levels. The energy is stored in reservoirs for use, the number of reservoirs an Ambassador has available to store energy is equal to her wisdom modifier + her caster level; an Ambassador with levels in Druid may stack her Druid levels to caster level; Rangers may stack one half their Ranger level rounded down, 0=1.

Nature's Fuel: (Su):

All spells and spell-like-abilities relating to Ambassador of Obad-Hai require natural energy. In order to acquire natural energy an Ambassador has the ability, upon reaching the 3rd level and completing the second 24 hour meditation, to grow a skin of moss which uses its chlorophyll cells to convert sunlight into natural energy which can be utilized immediately by a spell/ spell-like-ability or stored via Nature’s Chalice.
Recharge Rates:
Full Sun: 2 slots per hour
Partly Cloudy: 1 slot per hour
Overcast/Storming: .5 slots per hour
Night: .25 slots per hour
Indoors, Underground, When sun is magically blocked: 0 slots per hour.

Oaken Slumber: (Sp):

Upon reaching the 3rd level of Ambassador, Obad-Hai grants the ability to shape-shift into an oak tree, firmly planting its roots in to the natural flow of nature’s energy. When in Oaken Slumber an Ambassador may tap into that flow of energy sapping minute traces from each being and transferring it unto them self, slowly regenerating hit points. 1d3 +1/caster level per hour.
Being rooted into the soil, the Ambassador loses the ability to move and any dexterity modifiers or bonuses. Any items on or held by the Ambassador transform as well, and are therefore still present but rendered useless (except those that grant non-movement related bonuses). Also, being transformed to wood and bark, an Ambassador’s armor class is reduced to 12 while in Oaken Slumber.
An Ambassador with the required Druid level for Wild Shape (plants), having a deeper understanding of the plants of the world, reduce their chance of detection by magical means, -2 to any opposing detect magic, or similar check. This also allows an Ambassador to stack her druid caster level to the regeneration rate. Ambassadors with levels in Ranger, while not as attuned with the plant world may still stack half their Ranger levels, rounded down; 0=1.
In order to cast Oaken Slumber, a soil foundation must be present.
Range: Touch (Self only)
Slots Required: 1
HP Restored: 1d3 +1/caster level per hour

Meadow's Embrace: (Sp):

An Ambassador of the 4th level is granted the ability to manipulate the flooring of a natural surrounding (grass, low-covering ivy, or similar undergrowth) to tether opponent’s feet and legs to the ground. Enemies who are entangled in meadows embrace are rendered immobile and therefore lose any dexterity bonuses, including the Armor Class modifier.
Upon Meadows embrace being cast the target may roll a reflex save (including all dexterity bonuses because they are not yet immobilized) to determine if they slip out of the encroaching undergrowths grasp. If this check is failed meadows embrace successfully immobilizes the enemy. Each subsequent round the enemy must successfully complete a strength check to determine if they can rip the undergrowth from its roots or complete an escape artist check to determine if they can slip out of the embrace which is the only way an opponent can defeat the entanglement.Druid levels stack for caster level; Ranger levels stack at one half, rounded down for caster level; 0=1.
Meadows embrace has a DC of 15+caster level.
Duration: Wis. mod + caster level.
Range: 40ft + 5ft per caster level.
Slots Required: 1

Natural Barrier: (Sp):

Upon reaching the 5th level, an Ambassador can call on nature to grow thick, dense hedges which create a natural wall of protection. A hedge is 5’ square by 6’ tall; it has an AC of 10 and HP of 5+ 1/caster level; a character with levels in Druid may stack those levels to her total; a character with levels in Ranger may stack half their ranger levels-rounded down- to her total (0=1). As the barrier is grown and not summoned it has no magical abilities or properties; the barrier is completely natural.
Range: 30ft + 5ft per caster level
Slots Required: 1 per 5'x5'x6' square

Improved Oaken Slumber: (Sp):

At level 6, an Ambassador gains the ability to transform willing allies (max # of allies is equal to Ambassadors caster level, those with levels in Druid may stack those caster levels as well; Ranger levels stack at one half, rounded down; 0=1) into oak trees allowing them to regenerate hit points.
Allies regenerate at 1d3 + Ambassadors caster level, they do not receive the bonus of stacking druid or ranger levels, unless they are of the required Druid/Ranger level them self.
Range: Touch
Slots Required: 1 per ally

Guise of Nature: (Ex):

At the 7th level an Ambassador’s connection and knowledge of nature is so extensive she gains the ability to blend in completely with her natural surroundings. In effect she can hide in plain sight. She gains +3 to hide and +2 to move silently.
As long as there is natural cover an enemy must complete a successful spot check, on a stationary Ambassador and a successful spot and listen check on a moving Ambassador. An Ambassador must role opposing hide checks and hide/move silently checks. If an enemy fails a spot check but succeeds a listen check they gain the general direction of the Ambassador and takes a -3 circumstance penalty for the remainder of the encounter.

Oaken Warrior: (Sp):

An Ambassador who reaches the 8th level gains the ability to animate a near-by tree as a soldier to aid in battle. Oaken Warrior takes one full minute to cast.
Oaken Warrior
HD: 7d8+10
Init: -3
Speed: 30ft
AC: 20
Slam attack: +10, 2d6+10
Reach: 15ft
Deals double damage vs. structures
Plant traits
Vulnerable to fire: +50% damage
Fortitude: +10
Range: 30ft
Target: 1 living tree
Duration: 1d6 +caster level hours. (Druid levels stack, Ranger levels stack at one half, rounded down; 0=1)
Slots Required: 5
*Note: While animated a tree is no longer rooted into nature and therefore, does not grant bonuses from Nature's Fury.

Deep Meditation: (Ex):

At the 9th level an Ambassador has developed a deep understanding of herself and commands a higher degree of control over her mind. She has also developed an intense relationship with nature. Therefore, her meditation is more focused and penetrates to a much deeper level more quickly, reducing her time required by Nature’s Tether meditating to retain bonuses granted by Nature’s Pulse by 50%.

Oaken Army: (Sp):

Upon reaching the 10th and final level, an Ambassador gains the ability to summon multiple Oaken Warriors to create the ultimate Oaken Army. Due to the fickle and stubborn nature of trees an Ambassador can control a maximum of 3 Oaken Warriors at one time.
Range: 30ft
Slots Required: 5 per Oaken Warrior

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