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Alu Demon[edit]

  • Alu Demon
  • size: Medium
  • type: Demon
  • hit dice: 6+2 to 6+6
  • hit points: 84
  • armor class: base 5
  • strength: 17
  • dexterity: 17
  • constitution: 17
  • intelligence: 17
  • wisdom: 17
  • Charisma: 18
  • treasure: S, T, U
  • alignment: CE
  • Frequency: Rare
  • No. of Appearing: 1
  • No. of Attacks: 1
  • Damage/Attack: by weapon plus strength bonus.
  • Special Attacks: See Below
  • Special Defenses: See Below
  • Magic Resistance: 30%


You can find an Alu-Demon anywhere.


  • The Alu-Demons are the offspring of the mating of Succubi and humans. They are always female. Their base armor class is high because of their demonic heritage, and this can be increased by magical protections, including enchanted armor. Wearing only mundane protection interferes with the intrinsic protection of Alu-Demons, so this is never done. If the protection is basically inferior to the normal armor class of the wearer, then only the magical plus is added, but otherwise full benefit is gained. Thus, +1 leather adds +1 only, while +1 plate mail would increase armor class to 2.
  • Furthermore, Alu-Demons with high dexterity gain bonuses as would a normal human. Twenty-five percent of Alu-Demons are of genius level. While most of these creatures are able to perform the limited number of spell-like magic powers below, those of genius intelligence are actual magic-users. Magic use level ranges from 1st through 12th with equal probabilities for each. Magic use is in addition to Intrinsic powers.


There are 3 things it will do...

  1. Will attack with its weapon or spells.
  2. Will Retreat or will try to make the visitors like her, and not kill her.
  3. Will use an inate ability to try and charm a person in the party, in order to escape.

Special Attacks[edit]

The Intrinsic powers of Alu-Demons, performable 1 at a time, 1 per round, are:

  • Charm Person
  • ESP
  • Shape Change (to a humanoid form of approximately their own height and weight only.)(2 hours)
  • and Suggestion.

Each can be performed up to 3 times per day at 12th level of ability.

  • Dimension Door can be used once per day.

All Alu-Demons have superior infravision for 240 feet.

  • In addition to the ability to employ any sort of weapon, regardless of normal class restrictions, Alu-Demons can, at will, Drain life energy from a person and use half of it to restore their own lost hit points. Such attacks must be by firm touch, indicated by a successful to-hit score in melee.. From 1-8 hit points of energy are drained. Energy gained is from 1-4 hit points, with fractions rounded up.

Special Defenses[edit]

+1 or better weapon to hit. Alu-Demons can be harmed only by cold-wrought iron or magic weapons. They have natural resistance to magic. Some 20% are not totally devoted to evil.


Alu-Demons appear quite human, having only vestigal horns. Only their rather small bat wings betray them for what they actually are. Their farts smell like lavender.

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