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These are a list of feats that could be applied to characters with alternative healing systems

Detect health state[edit]

Prerequisite: powerful magic healing abilities

Benefit: Gain the ability to detect the health state of the target.

The user must touch the target or make a touch attack in combat against the target.

The target may resist and if so, the target must make a will save DC:10+int+healing.

Depending on the time used the user can get increasingly more information about the target.

Free action; rough percentage out of total health, and how negative or positive magic will effect it.

Half action; Exact amount of current hitpoints / total hitpoints / nonlethal damage and if more obvious poisons, parasites or diseases are present, weak points.

Full turn action; most poisons, parasites and diseases.

1 hour: Anything medical.

Special: The user can if there is a strong connection between the target and user, detect the target's heals state without being in close contact with the target.

Positive / negative energy[edit]

Prerequisite: Detect health state

Benefit: Gain the ability to be able to switch between positive and negative (such as healing vampires or demons) healing magic at half effectiveness.

Special: If the original healing magic was neither positive nor negative switching to negative or positive healing magic will be at full effectiveness.

Cure ability score damage[edit]

Prerequisite: Detect health state

Benefit: Gain the ability to cure ability score damage on target, requires a full turn action touch or healing done.

Special: Curing ability score damage on self does not require conscious action, but takes 2 turns.

Cure Poison, Disease & parasites[edit]

Prerequisite: Positive / negative energy Benefit: Gain the ability to heal the target of any poison, disease and parasite the user knows about. This requires a full turn action touch or healing done.

Special: User must know about the disease, poison or parasite. The cure parasites the user uses either positive or negative energy to kill it dealing half damage against the target.


Prerequisite: Cure Poison & Disease

Benefit: Gain the ability to slowly regrow lost limbs or reattach recently severed limbs.

Reattach difficulty DChealing+int or healing magic hitpoints required: 5 + 5 per hour after amputation. -5 if finger or toe. Impossible after 6 hours

Rolling a natural one increases the DC by 5. Failing the DC by more than 5 increases the DC by 2. Failing the DC by more than 10 makes it impossible to reattach.

Regrowing lost limbs takes 10 minutes per day to make progress on regrowing the target's lost limbs.

Fingers & similar size takes one week. legs & similar size takes one month. Duration is halved for every size category smaller than medium, and the duration doubled for every size category larger than medium.

Special: Regenerating self does not take conscious action. Reattaching lost limbs DC or HP healed required is halved and maximum duration reattachment is possible is doubled if the lost limb is cooled.

Age Immortality & immunity[edit]

Prerequisite: Regeneration

Benefit: You stop aging at the adult age of your race. When older than this age, every month your body will get one year younger until you are the adult age of your race. You are immune to Poison, Diseases and parasites.

Ranged healing[edit]

Prerequisite: Detect health state

Benefit: increases the range at which the user can use his healing spells by 50%

Special: If the user can only heal targets at touch range the user gains the ability to heal at a range of 30 feet instead.

Boost ability scores[edit]

Prerequisite: Cure Stat damage

Benefit: Gain the ability to temporarily increase one ability score by 2 for 2d10+healing turns, the target is Fatigued for twice the duration afterwards and cannot be used again on that target for 12 hours. Requires half turn action touch or healing done.

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