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Symbol: Broken coffin lid
Home Plane: Prime Material
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Broken Coffins, New Undead, Unwittingly Raised Intelligent Undead
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Evil and Neutral Evil
Domains: Death only
Favored Weapon: Light Mace
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More information...

Altash was a house maid in a large city that was sacked by Chigra's armies, though Chigra was told not to create spawns many times his army would ignore the order and create spawns anyway, Altash was the first to awake after this happened to her city, she gathered the other vampires of were scared and confused, she sheltered them and lead them, she found a man who said he could help her and her people, she brought her people to the meeting place but it was a trap, the man was a vampire hunter and killed the 30 or so innocent vampires, none of which had killed a mortal since their turning. Altash's soul was saved by Valkek and gave her a portion of his spark as a reward for her valor, she disdains Chigra, but respects Valkek and what she became.


Take life as it comes. Things don't work out make them work best. Never stand with your hands in your pockets, or twiddling your thumbs.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Altash has no clergy, she is venerated by vampire scholars and Valkek's followers. She has no temples, any shires for her are within Valkek temples.


As a human house maid with a constant shocked look and deep glowing red eyes. The Mace she wields was a gift from Valkek when she died and was reborn a demigod, it is made of cold iron and radiates a freezing mist.

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