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Alpha Familiar

Prerequisites: The ability to cast at least one spell.
You have found a way to mold the form of your familiar to an even greater extent than before, giving it many more uses than it once did.You have the following benefits:

  • You can cast the Find Familiar spell once per long rest if you do not already know the spell.
  • You know how to make your Familiar take the form of whatever you can think up, even if it is something you made up on the spot. When you cast Find Familiar, you can choose to add an additional 2 hours to its casting time.Doing so allows the familiar to take the form of something you mentally picture, even if it does not exist.If it takes the form of something that does not have statistics(such as an inanimate object or imaginary creature) you can create its statistics and abilities, but they cannot be more potent then the default forms given by the spell.

Aside from these limits, it can be whatever you wish it to be and have whatever abilities you wish within reason. If the familiar dies, you must do the extended ritual again if you wish for it to take the form again.You roll for its HP every 2 levels you gain, its hit dice being 1d6+constitution.

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