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Alignment. Lawful Good
Domains. Time, Knowledge
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Algamet, the god of Time, works the ebb and flow of continuity. The ability to bend time to her will allows her to manipulate practically any event she desires.

Algamet rarely travels to Otherworld, instead making her home with her followers, moving from temple to temple as she pleases. If she feels her followers need her she will even follow them into battle, twisting the battlefield to their advantage.

Algamet appears human, but closer inspection reveals her true nature. Behind the glass of her eyes lie spinning cogs and springs, giving away the inner workings of a clock. Her vibrant hair is thin copper wiring, moving and bending as though natural hair. Her skin takes on a silvery tint. She is seen wearing a white cloak with copper accents, the accents appearing sloppy and crossing unexpectedly.

Algamet's playful nature gets her in trouble with many in the Pantheon, once angering Pollux himself when she removed the flow of time from her lover, giving him immortality. Despite this she works well with other lawful gods, enforcing the rule of nature itself.

Algamet has a small but devout following, and she does everything she can for her followers. She constantly teaches and spends time with them, moving from temple to temple in order to stay with them all.

The Hands of Time: These gauntlets, although relatively useless in defense, allow for the unhindered manipulation of time. Only one pair exists in all of Sarrin, and they can be called back by Algamet whenever she sees fit.

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