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Map of Alcet


Alcet is the Country in Zaithan. Its population is distinctly split between wealthy and poor populations. There is relative peace with Zaminia, and Queen Gloria works hard to maintain a positive relationship with Archduke Kaldor, Duchess Kaldor the younger and High King Snow of Wolfenfeniria. The province has mild temperatures and receives plenty of rainfall to avoid droughts.


Alcet is a monarchy after the collapse of the Hierophant. Queen Gloria runs most of the official business and diplomatic affairs. There is a council that meets under the Queen's supervision to establish laws and to declare war on other countries. The Queen sits on the Steel Throne in the city of Zaiz. Her regent, Victor sits on the Lesser throne in Vais and rules by the Queen decrees for the eastern part of Alcet. Queen Gloria is the first Queen to ever rule alone in Alcet. The common languages are common and Giant.


The people of Alcet worshiped the Demon Lords and Orcus during the reign of the Hierophant. Under Queen Gloria, there are now temples built to the Old Gods, and the demon cults are hunted down and eliminated. Because of the recent end of the massive revolution, the Queen has not yet officially made all non-demonic religions tolerated.


The main races of Alcet are Goliaths, Half-Orcs and Humans. The Half-Orcs tend to live in the eastern half of the Queendom, while the Goliaths live in the far west and along the coast. Humans are spread out throughout the nation. There is resentment from the Half-Orcs and Goliaths towards the humans because of the split in the wealth, but the Queen is seeking to remedy the situation.


The classes of Alcet are arranged into schools. Each school grants members food and lodging, as well as simple jobs to get money. If a class doesn't have a school, then it gets a +1 to a class skill. The schools and classes are...

LeaderThe leader school focuses on supporting their allies. All members of the Leader School gain +1 to all Heal checks*. The members of the Leader Shcool are...

  • Ardent
  • bard
  • Fighter
  • Runepriest

Mental The mental school focuses on hardening the mind to fight. All members of the Mental School gain +1 to all Insight checks*. The members of the Mental School are...

  • Battlemind
  • Monk
  • Psion

War Mage The War Mages are the main force in the Alcet military. They are trained to fight against cavalry and other common forces. They gain +1 to all Arcana checks. The members of the War Mage school are...

  • Swordmage
  • warlock
  • wizard

Background Bonus[edit]

If your character is from Alcet, you can read and speak Lanic and gain a +2 to Streetwise and Bluff checks*

  • *DM's have the option to change the skill bonuses or remove them if they wish

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