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Lesser Deity
Symbol: Black Pendant with internal Flame
Home Plane: Plane of Existence's Essence
Alignment: Good Neutral
Portfolio: Balance of Existence coming into the planes and going into the Void
Clergy Alignments: No Evil
Domains: Good Fire Lawful Healing Punishment Destruction
Favored Weapon: Blade endowed with Flame
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Once a human essence on a plane that consumed the essence of existence and caused other planes to diminish, Alastor fought to balance the planes so that no more of the essence that made all things would be consumed by his original plane and the Void than was replenished in the planes. He lives within his chosen hero until their death and then moves on to a new hero. Traveling where ever they are needed most.


Balance of existence. Even Alastor consumed enough essence to become a less deity, but it was only what he had to in order to battle for the good of all existence and never too much at once. Destruction of those that seek to destroy this balance, by any means or material that are still in existence, is what he encourages. Buildings may smash to rubble and men may die, but the reminder of their existence has not been comsumed.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

He has a few hidden temples scattered on planes that overlook the material planes yet are unseen by most known means. Clergy are those that see this hidden battle and fight for balance.

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