Aethereal Lyceum (Sanctuary's Lot Supplement)

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The Aethreal Lyceum[edit]

The legendary "Invisible College", allegedly active throughout Ezers Rhaime and neighboring regions, is the subject of contentious debate (largely consisting of whether the group exists at all).

The Aethreal Lyceum is a conspiracy of operatives whose actual purpose seems entirely obscure. Administered by a society that has been active in secret for the better part of the last two centuries. The only clear motivation of this group seems to be the acquisition of sensitive information, particularly state secrets, and the elimination of anyone too successful in ferreting out the identities of Lyceum members.

Its power base is its formidable network of spies and assassins. Rumors abound of this organization (many started by the Lyceum itself). Its actual purpose is a mystery even to its own agents. Many people who have heard of the Aethreal Lyceum do not believe it actually exists; that it is nothing more than a conflated rumor to use as a scapegoat for unexplained or inconvenient deaths or for embarrassing breaches in security.

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