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Aeris Mekhaus[edit]

Alignment. Chaotic Neutral
Domains. Technology, Advancement
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

The very first[edit]

Years ago, one mortal lived in imperium created and run by magic. Floating mountains for cities, mages for leaders, and magic on every step. Yet this one was born without even slightest amount of arcane. Yet she was renown, for her mind was particular. All problems she faced was solved by pure ideas and materials. Buildings, tools, even layout of one of floating cities, there was no task she could not manage to complete. But all came to end when magic disappered for a while, and whole imperium fell. When she woke up, she saw another world - astral plane. She ran and ran, trying to find shelter from hazards of this plane. She hid inside of a body of dead god made of different kinds of stone, metal and other resources. And she built. And created. And improved. Before long she'd created a workshop to rival that of the Gods. Through years she made multiple mekhane - her greatest creations. Devoid of any flesh, yet hosting soul and free will, they were source of great joy to their creator. But years passed, and her body started to waste away. In her final moments she built her body. Bone by bone, muscle by muscle, cell by cell, a ceremony conducted before hundreds of devout mekhane. Three agonizing days; Three long nights, but on the fourth day newborn god emerged from her chambers, weak in power, but enough to safely run from this place. She made her own plane, and started construction of artificial world - Ferrosphera - and divine way of connecting to all of her creations - the Link. But she needed something more, a name. So she choose a new name. Aeris Mekhaus.

Mechanical, yet alive[edit]

On Ferrophera live thousands upon thousands of her creations; millions of minds bound together through Serl the Linkmaster. Artifical planet is also a base of operations for Iron Legion, a military force under command of Mekhaus, consisting of milions of warbots and space ships. While mekhane are "alive", warbots are only a tools, but hardcoded and build in such a way to follow Mekhaus commands. Most of her time, she spends in her palace's workshop making new mekhane and sending her forces to scout all of higher planes in pursuit of new and exciting data.

Divine, but not godly[edit]

Aeris Mekhaus is... pissy. And bossy. And by no means behave "godly". She speaks with passion and hard language. She is quick to act, and long to forget. Above all else she values her creations, her property, truth and individuality. She finds twins funny and races bearing high similarities in look as borderline offensive. And she hates magic. She knows rules that govern flow of weave, she understands spells. But her hate for magic is illogical and beyond reason. It is not of a reason enough to disconnect mekhane which starts to tap in the arcane or simply becomes a wizard, but such an individual will find reaching her through the Link hard, one could say oddly impossible, but great deeds will wash away all sin.

Story Listener[edit]

Mekhaus loves to hear stories. Tales of great heroes and the like are treated by her like great and valuable gifts(if she haven't heard them yet), and invitation to hear great story will never be turn down by her. She likes to listen stories of her own creations - progress in their work, advancing their skills, she enjoys hearing from mekhane all across multiverse what they did and are up to. If they first convince grumpy old Serl to let them connect to the goddess, which is not always easy. If an individual not made by her will show great interest in engineering, she can grand such an individual powers and connection to the Link.

As a young god, although powerful she can be quite unknown in multiverse, and her creations new and eye-catching. But because of, ehm, temper, she can often show her avatars in action. And those are a sight to behold. Tall, shapely vessel armed with plethora of weapons able to connect and disconnect to main body paired with divine scheme and powers is a great last thing to see in life.

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