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Lesser Deity
Symbol: Shield of Aendar
Home Plane: Realm of the Second Breath
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Courage, glory, good, protection, strength
Clergy Alignments: Maximally one step away from deity.
Domains: Glory, Good, Healing, Strength
Favored Weapon: Longsword

Believed to be a worthy mortal ascended by recommendation of Sylornath herself, Aendar is a force of truth, valor, honor and friendship, and a protector of the weak. He looks like a human slightly over 6 feet tall, with a noble build. He carries himself strong, despite his whitened hair and his old, scarred face, injuries, or so is believed, that stem from old curses and that carried over when he attained godhood.


Aendar does not ask allegiance to himself, but he demands his subjects to stay the true course; treat everybody with respect, be honest and forthcoming, courageous and selfless. His wisdom reflects in the charges he besets his followers. Be kind to your fellow man, protect your fellow man, respect your fellow man, and oppose without hesitation those who wish to harm your fellow man.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Aendar does not ask for places of worship, as he is not the space enclosed within such a place, nor the wood or stone around them. It is not out of reverence but out of love that most of his subjects erect monuments and temples to his might and goodness. More good aligned, prosperous cities often contain a large tally of clerics and paladins devoted to Aendar in the service of the common good. Felaskar, the capitol city of the land of Aerdae contains a huge amount of worshippers of Aendar; Clerics that are in the police or the military carry a matte golden shield that personifies the symbol of Aendar, the Shield of Aendar.

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