Advanced Smithing (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Advanced Smithing[edit]

This supplements the Craft Skill, especially blacksmithing. This adds in modifiers for weapons and armors based on the material.


Basic Weapons, if containing a metal component, are made out of copper, due to it's abundance/strength.

All Craft Checks involving metal are made with copper, but can be modified:

Hide*: -3 on DC

Wood: -2 on DC

Tin: -2 on DC

Darkwood: -2 on DC

Alchemical Silver: -2 on DC

Dragonhide*: -2 on DC

Gold: -1 on DC

Stone: -1 on DC

Silver: -1 on DC

Crystal: +1 on DC

Platinum: +2 on DC

  • I mean seriously, Who would make a weapon out of hide? It's here just for laughs.

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