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Some chemicals found in the world, be it natural or man made, can have adverse effects. While there may be some slight benefits, ranging from a "feel good high" to increased strength, usually these come with a price.

Users that are addicted will usually require higher doses over time to feel the same effects. At the same time, going periods of time without the chemical may cause paranoia, sickness, headaches, and fatigue.

Once addicted, users may think that they require the chemical to feel normal. With these higher doses to reach this "normal feeling", their life may be at risk.

Becoming Addicted[edit]

If players use a substance constantly within a short time, they can become addicted. It is up to the DM discretion to determine if they can or not (such as a healing potion).

For each time within a 24 hour period they use the substance, they risk the chance of addiction.

They must succeed a 5 + (times used within 24 hours) Constitution Check, or else be addicted.


Addiction comes in stages, each of the effects stacking. They are listed below:

  • Stage One: Your character starts to shake slightly. Because of this, your attack rolls have -2, or disadvantage on all attacks, up to DM discretion.
  • Stage Two: Nausea has started to kick in. You get one level of exhaustion, and must succeed a 10 Constitution Save every time you rest, or else you are interrupted with violent heaving, and do not gain any benefits of resting.
  • Stage Three: This stage has no negative effects. This occurs when you take the chemical you are addicted to if you already had a stage.
  • Stage Four: Paranoia has set in. Bouts of rage happen, and outbursts occur. You think everyone is talking behind your back. Due to all of this, you have a -2 on Charisma Checks.

Curing Addiction[edit]

Eventually, with help, the user can overcome addiction. Everyday, they must succeed a 8 Constitution Check + 1 for each stage they are on (or 11 + 1 for each stage they are on if they relapse). On a succeed, their stage level goes down by one (or stage 4 to stage 2). On a fail, they increase their stage level by one (or go from stage 2 to stage 4).

If the user rolls a natural 20, decrease the stage by two levels.

If the user rolls a natural 1, increase the stage by two levels.


If the user takes a chemical they have previously been addicted to, they will relapse. They automatically become stage 3, and their DC Constitution Save is 11 + stage level.

Using Chemicals[edit]

If the user is addicted and uses the chemical, their stage level is 3. They have no side effects until it is out of their body (1d4 hours).

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