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Acrobatic Attack [General]

You can use acrobatic maneuvers to get around an opponent's defenses.
Prerequisite: Dex 13, Acrobatic, Tumble 8 ranks.
Benefit: As part of a move action, you may make a Tumble check opposed by your target's Tumble check (or Dexterity check -- see below). Your target receives its base attack bonus as a bonus to its roll, along with any other applicable modifiers (unless untrained -- see below). If you succeed, your target is denied its Dexterity bonus to AC (if any) for the next melee attack you make against it during the same round. If you fail, you fall prone in your destination square.
Special: A fighter may select Acrobatic Attack as one of his fighter bonus feats.

For the purposes of this feat only, a defending character who does not have ranks in Tumble may make an untrained skill check, which amounts to an unmodified Dexterity check. However, an untrained character does not receive the normal bonus for BAB.

You do not need to move to use this feat, but you do need to take a move action -- you can jump and spin around in place.

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