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Abyssal Pet
9th-level Necromancy
Casting time: 1 Hour
Range: 5 feet
Components: Condensed Spirit (refer to description), Condensing board, a candle
Duration: Permanent

In reality, we have life and death, but in the realm of the abyss life is meaningless and death is a question, not an answer. Spirits flow free into the abyss, like time and it's ebb and flow. The abyss's unfathomable questions may hold the answer to eternal life. Sending a condensed spirit into the abyss may give it false life that never ends. But at what cost?

Sending a condensed spirit into the abyss can give it life and revive the animal permanently, but it almost never goes smoothly as the abyss is not considered clean. Its denizens are ugly, covered in tentacles and monstrous beyond recognition. First of all, to get a condensed spirit you must have the condensing altar, a circular board with elvish inscriptions printed in five circular layers evenly expanding from the middle. Secondly, you must draw the sign of Beelzebub in the blood of a dead animal companion on the board. Now light a candle in the middle of the board and wait exactly one hour until the fire turns blue and goes cold and it condenses into a thick flickering spirit.

Once you have the spirit you must smash the candle on the board and smear the hot wax over it, tearing open a portal to the abyss. Once opened you have to cast the condensed spirit through the portal and stay concentrating to keep the portal open or it will close and you will lose the spirit forever. After an hour (give or take) the spirit will return from the abyss, however, it's color will reflect the severity of the side effects incurred from being exposed to the abyss, ranging from light blue (no change) to dark red. (Unrecognizable)

When the Spirit returns the DM will roll %die to reflect on how malformed the creature will be when the spirit is placed back into its body. The changes may range from it being able to dislocate its jaw to spurt tentacles out of its mouth, gaining wings and acid breath or it may turn into a writhing pile of tentacles. The creature shares the stats of a Bone Devil but its also completely up to the DM to decide how it turns out or what the creature resembles.

The creatures stats may change based on DM discretion. For example, if it comes out missing a leg, but gaining the ability to dislocate its jaw to spurt out tentacles, it might have less health or slower move speed but gain an additional attack using it's new mouth tentacles to trip or batter enemies, dealing bludgeoning damage. Once again it's completely up to the DM.

Additionally, the animal will retain all its memories from life knowing who its owner is, who its friends are and who/what killed it.

If the blood used to draw the symbol is not that of a pet the caster previously owned then the spell fails.

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