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Absolute strength

Prerequisites: Must be a Champion fighter, no multi-classing, a strength score of 20 or higher, must spend a week downtime to training and surviving in each of the following environments; a active volcano, a constant blizzard area, a constant lightning storm area, a constant tornado area, a constant earthquake area, a constant Hurricane area, and a sand storm area.
you have trained your body to become stronger then any entity breaking your strength limiter and as such can do thing with strength that most would considered impossible.

You gain the following:

  • Your strength score has no maximum. Additionally any and all damage that is dealt to you is reduced equal to you strength modifier.
  • All melee weapons are light, have versatile, and have thrown properties to you. Additionally whips, flails, and rapiers doesn’t get the thrown property.
  • You can use strength for determining ranged attack rolls for the thrown property. Additionally the range of thrown weapons are 60/120 to you.
  • Add your strength modifier to your AC while wearing heavy armor & no shields to a maximum of 30 AC. Additionally while wearing heavy armor you gain advantage in stealth checks.
  • your size is considered gigantic when calculating carrying capacity, push, drag, lift, and weight. Additionally gain expertises in any strength saves and checks.
  • Use your strength modifier in place of your dexterity and constitution. Additionally all dexterity and constitution saves and checks are considered strength to you.
  • Your normal speed is equal to your strength modifier multiplied by 5. Additionally you ignore a level of exhaustion equal to your strength modifier.
  • Gain a climbing, swimming, and jumping speed equal to your normal speed. Additionally you can swim, climb, and jump normally in heavy armor.
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