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Work In Progress

This world was influenced by the Backrooms during creation (Was writing for that wiki and came up with this, realized it didn't fit and made it a D&D setting instead)

Lunagros is a bizarre world, designed to be literal hell. Everything is constantly growing, people are constantly dying, the Deathfields keep rising, and humans are struggling to adapt.

This setting accommodates modern firearms to an extent, as well as being fairly generous with magical items. Walking across the entire world straight towards a goal is not practical, so PCs will need to plan routes, spend downtime with caravans, or secure vehicles. The world is also close to undergoing war. If you want, you can have war happen as an obstacle or you can have it happen reasonably as a consequence of player actions (Example: My first time running this, the players assassinated the head of the Foglight Clan and killed 46 people and blamed it on the Moon Church. This started a war.). Further details will be in other sections.

Governments control very small amounts of territory, but other groups control a wide range of the Canume. Most of the world is just swaths of wilderness, however.

To Do List[edit]

Add tropes

Write the actual setting lmao

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