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About Verendal[edit]

When it comes to world building, there are some things to consider:

The Kin Empire is the most predominate regime in the region. Many cities, towns and villages have pledged loyalty to the Empire. Dukes or other appointed dignitaries, such as Generals or High Priests, run a large area and are usually housed in the most prominent city in the region. They live in a castle or cathedral and the city they live in would be considered the capital of the area. Often times, the appointee of the region has been awarded the rite of the dragon for distinguishing themselves in some manner for the Empire. Common reasons would be nobility or prowess in combat, however, other reasons have been deemed worth of awarding the rite.

Areas of note:

  • The Town of Kiin - This town is a historic town that is where much of the Empire branched out of. However, due to its historical nature, it was never rebuilt to be able to support a city structure.
  • The Kin Capital - This capital city is the largest city, it houses nearly 50,000 people of the empire. It is also where the Kin royal family is housed. This city is a magically enchanted fortress city that can fly, has numerous teleportation circles, guilds, and the like. It is well fortified and is often on the move.
  • Kingdom of the Beasts - This region is sparely populate with its former rulers. The Beastfolk, with the exception of the Dragonfolk, are all but wiped out due to war, famine and slavery. It is rather rare to find any member of the Beastfolk races. Their kingdom is primarily a forest area, with a small mountain range that some of the more cave dwelling Beastfolk roam, a desert where some of the more vile Beastfolk inhabit and a series of lakes that the more aquatic Beastfolk swim through.
  • Fire Lands - This area is where much of the forces of Gorvand the Fiery inhabit. There is a single unnatural volcano located within the desert of the Fire Lands that Gorvand calls his home. Within the Fire Lands are Desert Elf nomads that roam the desert areas avoiding Gorvand's forces, Fire Elves that were enslaved by Gorvand after he murdered the previous leader, and a slue of creatures that Gorvand brought from the Plane of Fire as many planar portals there open to the Plane of Fire. This area is aggressive towards members of the Kin Empire and Fellowship of the Elves.
  • Nation of Tsu - This area is an undersea kingdom where Aphrodians, Merfolk and the like call home. The capital, is the Castle of Coral, a mobile castle grown from magical coral on the back of a Dragon Turtle. This nation is neutral to ongoing conflicts.
  • Fellowship of the Elves - This nation is spread far and is connected through the use of permanent teleportation circles which can only be activated through the use and knowledge of rune magic. There are small areas that house each of the 9 Elvish Houses, one for each race:
    • The High Elf house, is the most prestigious and most well known.
    • The Fire Elf house is under the control of Gorvand the Fiery, a rogue fire giant.
    • The Sky Elf house chooses to be mobile in their Crystal Palace.
    • The Deseret Elf house has not been seen for centuries. The Ice Elf house is being hunted to death due to them being a plague among elvenkind.
    • The Sea Elf house chooses to act as liaisons to the Nation of Tsu, an ally of the Fellowship.
    • The Mountain Elf house prefers the company of Dwarves and Gnomes in the Factotum Collective and are often members of the Collective.
    • The Drow house is a disgraced house and is barred from being a recognized house in the eyes of the Fellowship.
    • The Wood Elf house live near the outskirts of the Everlasting Forrest.
    • Half Elves are often in service of their Elvish lineage.
    • The Eldarin are nearly extinct due to the sheer age of the line, many live on as Baelnorn or as other forms of immortality. They are tasked with protecting the most ancient treasures of the Fellowship.

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