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Orizon was largely inspired by the video game Skies of Arcadia, the historic age of sail and swashbuckling epics set within them, with a dash of Wheel of Time and Magic the Gathering's Zendikar setting.

The Island of Meridian from the comics with the same name.

If you want to think of a go-to era for shorthand, use the late 1700's or early 1800's,

The setting accommodates firearms and sailing ships. If you want players to explore, they should get access to an airship early enough that they don't get trapped within a few cities on large or medium islands. They could either be taken in as crew, or press ganged, or steal one. Either that, or you can send them to the ground where they would have plenty of opportunity to adventure, but less stops between them. Alternatively you could have one campaign take place in a major city where players have to be wary of the borders, lest they fall off.

This is intended to be a world where very few places are under the direct auspices of large regional governments, but all of the regions have had centuries to develop. So feel free to make the skylands do whatever you want them to, like the planets in Star Trek, they can have cities, they can have villages or farms or monsters or sylvan glades or ghosts, they can have ruins of the old world or a city of Drow that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time during the breaking.

Relevant Tropes[edit]

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To Do List[edit]

  • Create Individual pages for each country,
  • Develop NPCs
  • expand the cosmology further, especially the Feywild & Shadowfell
  • Expand on the calendar
appropriate various holidays for my own purposes?
  • Expand encounter tables
  • less frequent wild magic storms, change the type from a magic spell gone wrong, to more of an explosion with varying possible intensities.
  • Come up with more adventure hooks
  • Expand on adventures within the ancient ruins

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