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About The Forgotten Land[edit]

this is gonna be the overall history and present time

The world was left unformed shrouded in fog and clouds, ruled by everlasting dragons, till the dragons made a kingdom called Drangfell this was the cause of the shameful acts, as they lived forever and never had any problems till after Grand Draghar was betrayed and killed for him being the king of the dragons for eons. the old ones came forth from the grand dragon's dead body Draghar. After the old ones were born of hatred and betrayal, they split up and created different humanoid races. Tho few of the old ones brought new things to the world and created different kingdoms to defend themself from Drangfell.

The Only 3 old ones that rose from Draghar are Yofiel, Yesfir, and Yvette. Yofiel gave life to Yagmur, Yaeger, and Yadira. Yvette gave life to Yachi and Yisrael. Yesfir gave life to Yonwin.

They each split and claimed land and areas, causing the uprising against the dragons, this led to the great war wear nearly all dwarfs were murdered, Giants were enslaved and Yael lost his kingdom and go mad. the daughters of the stars have created a prophecy that the dragons will retake the land if the skeleton of Draghar is not found and resurrected

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