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Abilities of a Gestalt[edit]

A psychic gestalt can utilize any of the psychic skills of its component minds. Range and familiarity are based on the most advantageous of the components. For example, as long as a target is in the line of sight of one component of the gestalt, it is considered in the entire gestalt’s line of sight.

In the case of multiple components possessing the same psychic skill, the gestalt uses the highest skill rank, plus the highest ability score modifier, with an additional +2 bonus for each component mind that is trained in that skill. So, a gestalt of five minds using the Domination skill uses the highest Domination skill rank among the group, plus the highest Charisma bonus among the group, with a +2 bonus for each additional character in the group that has the Domination skill (+8 total if they all do). In the case of psychic skills that have a save DC, it is based on the highest skill rank and increased by +1 for each additional member of the gestalt that has ranks in the skill.

The gestalt can also make use of any psychic or metapsychic feats possessed by its component minds. These feats have their normal effect.

The strain of psychic skills is divided evenly among the members of a gestalt, rounding up any fractions. So a five-character gestalt using a skill causing 28 strain suffers 6 strain each (28 / 5 = 5.6, rounded up to 6). Strain modifiers, including metapsychic feats, are applied before the total strain is divided among the components of the gestalt.

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