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Aberrant Binder [Binding][edit]

Allows a Binder to bind Aberrations.
Prerequisite: Knowledge (Dungeoneering) 5, Outsider Binding Class Feature
Benefit: At level three a Binder can bind Aberrations with less than 1 HD. At level five, Aberrations of 1 HD or less. Level eight, Aberrations of 5 HD or Less. Level twelve, Aberrations of 10 HD or Less. Level 18, Aberrations of 15 HD or Less. An aberration gains the Sunken Soul Template if their soul is used in the following class features: Apparatus Binding, Constructive Binding, Soul Merge, or Aura Binding.
Normal: Normally a binder can't bind Aberrations.
Special: Can be taken by a Binder as a Bonus Feat.

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