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Alignment. True Chaotic
Domains. Chaos, Unpredictability, Creation
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Abaddon is a lesser deity of all things unusual who was born from the uncertainty of either one or multiple over deities who control the actions of the universe. Though it is also said that Abaddon was originally the son of Olidammara, no evidence supports any relationship between the two. Very little information is known about this god's history. Abaddon is often portrayed as a prince of destruction but in actuality dispises all things evil. Though few interactions are made with him, Abaddon loves to visit the mortal world below and often is portrayed as a man of simple pleasures. He has very little motive if any and only acts on whims. His mind is unreadable do to a cosmically unpredictable nature and many telepaths have been said to go mad by just hearing a mere thought from him. Abaddon appears to be a human male in his late 30's and typically wears cobbled black leather shoes, black linen dress pants, a black buttoned-up vest, and a white dress shirt beneath, often with a bowtie around his neck. He prefers taking odd jobs that one would never expect a deity to do, such as running small inns, working a tavern, or on one very rare occasion, a theater. Abaddon has no true alignment and is often considered a living anomaly. He has an unstable power that most would consider "vile" in nature. Abaddon is indeed the prince of chaos, but only in the sense that he is completely chaotic and cannot foresee what he will do himself. Abaddon has the ability to cast magic in the form of entropy. he causes events that would seem likely to happen and cause them to be less probable and those less realistic to happen. this causes him to prevail in the face of death and run into trouble when chance favors him. His deitic powers allow him to create, summon, and, transform objects and creatures, the first of which he created was the mythical bayard horse in an attempt to make something he called a "limousine". Abaddon also enjoys many humanoid leisures such as gambling, which he has sworn off due to the incident that created a magical item that is now called the Deck of Many Things. He prefers to relax and is often seen as enjoyable to be around, though he has trouble being around mortals and other deities. Abaddon has little to no followers as he tends to maintain secrecy so as not become too attached to others. He has also been banned from meeting with most of the other deities after an incident in which Abaddon almost incidentally transporting the Pandesmos layer of the Pandemonium realm into Ysgard, which Olidammara was there to assist in stopping. Abaddon loves a good laugh and will often tag along with adventurers as a companion to all sorts of creatures regardless of alignment.

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