AV-14 Hornet (D20 Modern Vehicle)

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AV-14 Hornet[edit]

A Hornet.

AV-14 Hornet

Crew 1
Pass 2
Cargo 425lbs
Init. -4
Maneuver -4
Top Speed 150 (15)
Defense 7
Hardness 10
Hit Points 42
Size H
Purchase DC 30
Restriction Mil +3

AV-14 Hornet[edit]

The Hornet is a aircraft vehicle similar to a helicopter. It possesses twin-linked Rocket Launchers (no difference from a normal rocket launcher) and a tri-barrelled rotary chain-gun (counts as a M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun), both of which are in the control of the driver. There are two spaces on the side of it where people can hop on. Staying on when the Hornet travels at extreme speeds requires a Balance check (DC 10).There is also a troop transport variant thats has no rocket launchers and less powerful machine guns(2d10 instead of 2d12) but has a top speed of 160(16).

See this page for background information.

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