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Axe with twisted face of anguish on it

Alignment. Lawful Evil
Domains. War, Madness
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Long before many races came into existence, there were a race of Giants called the Inuk that stood at the highest peaks in existence. Of those was a young Giant man, A'tok, that stood vigilantly at the gates to his home. Day and night he would keep watch, never sleeping for fear that the Orc tribes that resided at the base of the mountainous peaks would put aside their differences in an attempt to overthrow his peaceful home. Stoic, and steadfast A'tok guarded the gates day and night until one night when the moon was set to be full and bright; a dark and evil mist enveloped the skies around him. Caught in some sort of vile mist, A'tok began to choke and believing this to be the work of the Orc tribes below, sought council with the elders of the village. To his dismay, he passed out shortly before he could deliver the news of the attackers. Whether it be by divine intervention, or some sick and cruel twist of fate, A'tok awoke to find his village burning to the ground as the wails and screams of his friends, family, and elders pierced his eardrums. As his conscious began to slip away once more, he was approached by a fiery red light that crackled with the surrounding flames to which a booming voice rung out. "Do you seek vengeance for those that have stripped you of that which you hold dear?"


With a quiet, yet almost sinister chuckle, the red-hot entity shunted itself into the mind of A'tok, filling him with an unimaginable source of power and vitality. With two massive axes in each hand, he rushed any and all that remained in the village brutally slashing and slicing in a fury that could only be compared to that of a deranged and bloodthirsty mad man. When the village was cleared, A'tok began his decent down the mountain peak running at full speed down the mountain, a feat that short of some magical or divine means, was an impossibility lest you find yourself falling down the mountain side. As A'tok neared the mountain base, and with one mighty leap, crashed into a nearby Orcish Village and began his mayhem once more. Again, and again A'tok went village to village until nothing was left except him, blaze filled villages, and massive lakes of blood. From that point on A'tok knew that he could never return to his home of peace and thus roamed the plains seeking war and bloodshed to satiate his thirst and to hopefully quiet the flame inside his head that slowly drove him into madness.

"I granted you your every wish, A'tok, but now it is time for you to hold up your end of the bargain! I think I'll start with that delicate mind of yours and see where we go from there!" -Red Entity


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