99.97% insta-kill mage assassin (5e Optimized Character Build)

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Note: this build isn’t for practical use, it’s for stupid fun that works. It’s overpowered in a specific niche of gameplay, though can be impractical in more common situations.

the premise[edit]

The main idea of this build is to use the shape change spell to turn into an intellect devourer, an intellect devourer can use its action to make an intelligence contest against an Incapacitated creature, and on a success, eating it’s brain, and taking control of its body, instantly killing the target.



For race we’re going Halfling for its lucky feature, letting us reroll 1s on ability checks.


for levels 1-3 go sorcerer (3 levels)

  • choose subtle meta magic, you can choose the other meta Magics.
  • choose divine sorcerer for their “favored by the gods” feature, this lets them add 2d4 to a check once per long rest

for levels 4-5 go wizard (2 levels)

  • choose school of divination, giving us 2 “portents” which are effectively preemptive advantage, you do this instead of a check, so it’s a bit of a gamble, but it can really help, especially if we get a lucky roll.

for all remaining levels, go bard (15 levels)

  • we choose college of lore, letting us expend bardic inspiration (d12) to increase our ability checks, and decrease the opponent’s.


For spells we choose the following:

  • Feeblemind: if the target fails the save their intelligence modifier is reduced to -5
  • Shape-change: we use this to turn into an intelligence devourer, you can learn this spell through the bards “Magical Secrets” feature.

Necessary Items:

  • A Jade Circlet worth’s at least 1500GP, needed to cast Shapechange, you only need to buy this once as the spell won’t consume it.
  • A handful of clay, crystal, glass, or mineral spheres, this has no specific cost in gold. This is needed to cast Feeblemind.

final play-by-play[edit]

1. Approach an incapacitated creature 2. On our first turn into an intellect devourer using shape-change 3. on our second turn use subtle meta magic to cast feeblemind, we need subtle meta magic because disembodied brains don’t usually have mouths. 4. On our fourth and last turn, we finally make our contest.

In the end we have +16.5 and what’s effectively double advantage And, not to mention the possible -11.5 we can give the target.

In total, that’s a 99.97% chance of success.

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