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  • Adding the SRD
  • Check the infrastructure!
  • Artifacts list, preload, template
  • Add NPC category to appropriate creatures, create list.
  • Use Template:5e Spell List for all spell lists. Reformat template list to display a table (with columns for school etc), rather than dpl-by-school.
  • Make a new template prestige classes.
  • Divide homebrew spells on class pages so that those with stub / needsbalance / marked for deletion templates appear at the bottom, instead of mixed in with the other spells.
  • Make an "Other" tag (Category talk:Nephilim Tag)
  • Add ability scores to the mounts and vehicles template. Talk:5e Mounts and Vehicles#Vehicle Ability Scores

To be continuously present on this list
  • Categorize uncategorized 5e pages at Special:UncategorizedPages
  • Standardize all pages in a supplement; make all page titles coherent: i.e. choose whether the best way is to label it as a "setting" or "supplement".
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