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Verendal is rich in magic, being home to many artificers and other users that can create magic items. More often than not, the main forge in a large city will have 2 or 3 artificers working there. In addition to what is in the DMG and Player's handbook in terms of equipment, these items are also within Verendal.


  • Tower Shield: +2 AC and gives an additional 2 AC if used with a light weapon, spear, or javelin.
  • Round Shield: +2 AC and halves damage to range attacks, can be placed on back instead of your arm but grants no AC bonus when put on your back but you take half damage from flanking.
  • Arbalest: 1d12 Piercing damage, 30/120. This weapon requires 15 STR to wield. To use this weapon in one hand, it requires 20 STR. The strength requirement can be lowered if the Arbalest is made of a lighter material such as Mithril.
  • Repeating Crossbow
  • Shield Bow: This bow, at the cost of range, gives +1 AC and the range on a short bow variant is 65/260 and the longbow variant is 120/480.
  • Spiked Chain: 2h weapon, 2d4 piercing damage, 10ft reach, adjacent attacking, advantage on disarm on creatures of your size or smaller and can trip a creature of your size or smaller by having the target make a Strength saving throw against your Athletics Check. This weapon requires the Chain Weapon Fighting Style or specific proficiency with the weapon such as with the Weapon Mastery Feat.
  • Cestus: 1d4 bludgeoning, light, special, hidden, simple
  • Double Spear: 1d6 piercing, Thrown 20/60, versatile 1d8, double weapon, simple
  • Greatspear: 1d8 piercing, Oversized, thrown 20/60, 2h, simple
  • Monk’s Glaive: 1d6 slashing, versatile 1d8 piercing, simple
  • Broadsword: 2d4 piercing, martial
  • Double Axe: 1d8 slashing, heavy, 2h, double weapon, martial
  • Double Flail: 1d8 bludgeoning, 2h, martial
  • Falchion: 1d8 slashing, martial
  • Estoc: 1d8 piercing, versatile 1d10, martial
  • Giant Axe: 4d4 slashing, Oversized, 2h, martial
  • Great Maul: 3d6 bludgeoning, Oversized, 2h, martial
  • Heavy Flail: 1d12 bludgeoning, Heavy, 2h, martial
  • Hidden Blade: 1d4 piercing, hidden, light, finesse, special, martial
  • Parrying Dagger: 1d4 piercing, finesse, light, special, martial
  • Sword Breaker: 1d4 piercing, light, special, martial
  • Throwing Glaive: 1d6 slashing, finesse, light, returning, thrown 30/60, martial
  • Bladed Long Bow: 1d8 piercing, 1d8 slashing, Ammunition, range 150/600, heavy, 2h, special, martial
  • Greatbow: 1d10 piercing, heavy, ammunition, range 200/800, 2h, martial
  • Buster Sword: 3d6 slashing, Oversized, 2h, martial
  • Boomerang: 1d4 bludgeoning, light, returning, thrown 30/120, simple
  • Scythe: 1d10 slashing, versatile 1d12, martial
  • Claw: 1d4 slashing, special, simple


  • Leather Lamellar: 12 + Dex mod, Stealth D, light
  • Battle Robe: 11 + Dex mod, Stealth D, light
  • Leather Shoulder Guard: +1 AC, partial armor, light
  • Leather Belt: +1 AC, partial armor, light
  • Improvised Armor: 11 + Dex mod max 2, Stealth D, medium
  • Coat of Plates: 12 + Dex mod max 2, medium
  • Brigandline: 14 + Dex mod max 2, medium
  • Plated Leather Armor: 13 + Dex max 2, medium
  • Plate Should Guard: +2 AC, partial armor, medium
  • Great Helm: +1 AC, Strength 13, partial armor, heavy
  • Fortress Armor: 20 AC, Strength 17, Stealth D, no bonuses to dex, heavy

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