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Creating a Character[edit]


In the Metal Gear universe, humans are the exclusive playable race, and as such this setting is based around 5e's variant human race. You may forgo gaining a feat at 1st level to instead gain a soldier Fighting Style or support Diverse Knowledge regardless of which class you take.


The following classes are available to players within this supplement:

The men and women of the battle field with the odds stacked against them, but some can definitely even up the score with what they specialize in.
Soldiers may do the heavy lifting, but without solid support, no mission could succeed.
With the right resources, players may forgo gaining a level in the support class to instead gain an enhancement.

Backgrounds and Other[edit]

This setting does not use backgrounds, as classes assume an amount of experience before 1st level. Additionally, all players know a number of languages equal to their Intelligence modifier, minimum 1, pulling from real world languages.


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