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Swordmage Incantations[edit]

0th Level Incantations[edit]

Create weapon- let’s you create a weapon of your choosing so long as you’re familiar with it and proficient with it. Can only create 1-weapon * level. Can be cast at any time and without limit so long as it doesn’t exceed the weapon limit.

1st Level Incantations[edit]

  • Powerful Strike - (Any) You attack with a Power Attack.
  • Blinkplate - (Self) Gain a bonus to your AC until the end of your next turn.
  • Forceful Strike - (Bludgeoning) You attempt to knock your opponent prone.
  • Crippling Strike - (Piercing) You attempt to cripple your opponent.
  • Bleeding Strike - (Slashing) You attempt to create a gaping wound on your opponent.
  • Blinding Light - (None) Release a burst of bright light in an attempt to blind your opponents.
  • Deafening Clang - (None) Release a minor sonic boom in an attempt to deafen your opponents.
  • Dazing Javelin - (Spear, Trident, Lance) Throw your weapon at your opponent in an attempt to daze him.
  • Sundering Strike - (Any) You attempt to sunder your opponent's weapon.
  • Dagger Stream - (Dagger) You duplicate your thrown dagger to create three total daggers that fly in a line.
  • Lunging Charge - (Piercing) Dash at your opponent to attack him quickly.
  • Turning Flail - (Flail) Attack with a holy flail that turns any undead you strike.
  • Cleaving Strike - (Any) Strike at your opponent and attempt to cleave.

2nd Level Incantations[edit]

  • Sleeted Ground - (Piercing) You stab the ground at your feet and create an icy terrain.
  • Force Shield - (Self) Gain +4 Shield bonus to AC until the end of your next turn.
  • Twin Attack - (Any) You attack the same target twice with the same attack bonus.
  • Weakening Blow - (Any) You attempt to weaken your opponent.
  • Fanning Blade - (Slashing) You attempt to attack up to three enemies in front of you.
  • Cloak of Shadows (None) You create an area of darkness around you.
  • Blade of Good - (Universal Sword) Align your sword to "Good".
  • Blade of Evil - (Universal Sword) Align your sword to"Evil".
  • Ground Hammer - (Greatclub) You smash the ground in front of you.

3rd Level Incantations[edit]

4th Level Incantations[edit]

5th Level Incantations[edit]

  • Flashing Incantations - (Self) You focus your mind to use multiple Incantations.
  • Forcing Impact - (Any) You attempt to knock your opponent back and prone.
  • Crushing Blow - (Universal Axe) If your attack is successful, it deals critical damage.
  • Ruining Smash - (Club, Mace, Morningstar, Warhammer) You attempt to hinder your opponent.
  • Rushing Arcana - (Self) You become hasted until the end of your next turn.
  • Focused Assault - (Self) You see clearly your goal and fixate yourself upon one target.
  • Quiet the Storm - (Self) You channel your Arcana to hinder your senses in order to focus.

6th Level Incantations[edit]

  • Spinning Blade - (Universal Sword) Attack using the Whirlwind Attack feat.
  • Dancing Daggers - (Dagger) You duplicate your dagger and attack with them.
  • Piercing Toss - (Spear, Trident, Lance) You throw your weapon forward in attempt to puncture through your opponents.
  • Breaking Blow - (Universal Axe) You attempt to disable one of your opponent's limbs.
  • Cruel Smash - (Club, Mace, Morningstar, Warhammer) Attempt to bash knock your opponent unconscious.
  • Show No Fear - (Self) Until the end of your next turn, you become immune to all fear effects.
  • Morphing Arcana - (None) You may use any Incantation with any weapon during your next attack.
  • Merciful Strike - (Any) You strike your opponent in a manner that leaves them barely alive.
  • I See Their Arcana - (Self) Gain magical sight until the end of your next turn.

7th Level Incantations[edit]

8th Level Incantations[edit]

9th Level Incantations[edit]

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