Piercing Poison (3.5e Incantation)

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Level: Swordmage 7
Target/Area: One creature
Number of Attacks: Single
Limiter: Piercing
Duration: 3 rounds (see text)
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates/partial

You coat your weapon with crippling Arcana. Upon a successful attack roll, your opponent must make a Fortitude save or become poisoned. This poison attempts to cripple your opponent. If he fails his Fortitude save, your opponent will take a -2 penalty to all rolls. This condition worsens each round and allows your opponent a new Fortitude save each round. Each time your opponent fails, an additional -2 penalty to all rolls is applied. Once a Fortitude save has been made successfully, the poison stabilizes and your opponent retains whatever penalty they might have for the next three rounds.

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