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NPCs without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.

Name Race Levels Description
Adoros Tumblebelly halfling bard 3/scout 3 Halfling barkeeper and ex-adventurer
General Brotston Human 6 levels Though short, this man before you seems to fill you with courage.
Harlan human cleric 2/fighter 2/rogue 2 A jack-of-all trades, head of the Creekhaven adventurers guild.
Lucy Svensdottir human Rogue 6 Lieutenant of the thieves guild
Sir Silvershield human paladin 6 Sheriff of the Sewers.
Sledged ogrillon expert 3 A librarian in Caer Wyrmshold, the largest library in Endhaven.
The Hayworth Family
Velvet Tea Half-Elf Villainous Sneak 6 An untrustworthy first mate on a pirate ship.
Viga Toecutter Goblin Ranger 3/Rogue 3 A goblin scout and assassin with a loose grip on sanity.
Vizidammar Human Rogue 6 A gifted scholar and alchemist who commands an army of undead through scientific methods and has a skewed moral compass.
Weird Morgan Halfling Adept 7 A healer and voodoo woman for the town of Blueblood.

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