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NPCs without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.

Name Race Levels Description
Aleister Green dragon None A devious mastermind, as old as the world and with a lust for power.
James McKnight Human (Spartan-IV Mk.II) Dedicated Hero (3), Engineer (10) 3.5e/D20M variant, James is also known as Brain, he is a member of a team of spartans who adventured to a planet in which magic exists.
Sorenth "Happy" Gorender human vampire Rogue 8, Guild Thief 5 Minor Leader of the Black Mask of Westgate (Forgotten Realms), The Count of Coins
Valentine Sunshadow Halfling Rogue 11/Assassin 10 A mysterious person who works form the shadows. A powerful figure who leads the best of thieves and assassins. A simple halfling who just loves killing and looting.

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