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Maneuver Feats[edit]

Maneuvers: These are special feats that usually contain special actions that the character can take during combat. They are specifically tailored to the ruffian class.

Feat Prerequisite Summary
Blunt Trauma Str 13 Hit harder with blunt weapons against creatures with damage reduction.
Clothesline Improved Overrun, base attack bonus +6 You can charge past your foe and render him prone.
Counter Throw Str 13, Improved Grapple, base attack bonus +6 You are able to throw a charging opponent.
Cunning Dodge Int 13
Cunning Feint Int 13, Improved Feint
Cunning Strike Int 15, base attack bonus +6
Double Kick Dex 13
Flip Dex 15 You can flip back up on your feet from a prone position.
Hook Hold Improved Grapple, base attack bonus +6
Knucklehead Constitution 13
Martial Improvisation You can use anything you can carry as a light load as a weapon.
Overbear Power Attack
Prone-Fight Dex 15, Improved Trip, base attack bonus +6.
Rushing Parry Str 15
Topple Str 15, Martial Improvisation.
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