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Name: (Enter 'Ex', 'Ps', 'Sp', or 'Su' for parameter 'specialabilitytype')
Infection DC: <!-a number (10, 15, 17, 24, etc) of the difficulty class for the Fortitude saving throws to prevent infection (if the character has been infected), to prevent each instance of repeated damage, and to recover from the disease.-> (<!-The disease’s method of delivery—Ingested, Inhaled, Via Injury, Contact, lists separated by commas, and etc. Keep in mind that some injury diseases may be transmitted by as small an injury as a flea bite and that most inhaled diseases can also be ingested (and vice versa)->)
Incubation: <!-The time before damage begins displayed; a combination including at least one instance of # tttt or #-# tttts->
Damage: <!-The ability damage the character takes after incubation and each day afterward.->

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