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Chosen Weapon Feats: Chosen Weapon feats are feats that can only be used with one type of weapon, chosen by the one who takes the feat, i.e. feats like Weapon Focus. See also Category:Chosen Weapon Feat.

Chosen Weapon Feats
Feat Prerequisite Summary
Armed Deflect Arrows Weapon Focus, Dex 13 You can deflect arrows, including crossbow bolts, spears and other shot or thrown weapons with your chosen weapon.
Axe Frenzy Weapon Focus (any One Axe Weapon) You can strike exceptionally fast with axes.
Axe Hurling Weapon Focus (any One Axe Weapon) You can throw any axe.
Bloodletting Weapon Focus Your strikes can cause someone to bleed to death.
Bonded Weapon Base attack bonus +8, Improved Critical (with Weapon), Proficient With Weapon, Weapon Focus (with Weapon), Weapon Specialization (with Weapon) You have used a single weapon so much that you have formed an almost spiritual bond with that specific weapon.
Crossbow Dead-Eye Weapon Focus (any crossbow), Weapon Specialization (any crossbow), BAB +6 or better You can target vitals and make a devastating, single attacks with a crossbow.
Defense Specialization Weapon Focus (with melee weapon), Weapon Specialization (with melee weapon), Fighter level 12th You have mastered using your chosen weapon for defense.
Energy Strike Combat Expertise, Weapon Focus, BAB +6 or better
Fast Reload Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Repeating Heavy or Light Crossbow), Weapon Focus (Repeating Heavy or Light Crossbow) You may reload a repeating crossbow as a move action.
Favored Weapon Base Attack Bonus +4, Weapon Focus, Masterwork (or Better) Weapon Character expertly wields his favorite weapon.
Greater Critical Proficient with weapon, base attack bonus +16 Choose one type of weapon.
Improved Fast Reload Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Repeating Heavy or Light Crossbow), Weapon Focus (Repeating Heavy or Light Crossbow), Weapon Specialization (Repeating Heavy or Light Crossbow) Load a reload repeating crossbow as a free action and no attack of opportunity.
Improved Weapon Finesse Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (any finessed weapon), base attack bonus +4 You've become more reliant on agility rather than strength when it comes to damage.
Master Disarm Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm, Weapon Focus (any), Fighter level 4. You are an expert at disarming your opponent.
Pull Blow Int 13, Combat Expertise, Weapon Focus, Heal 1 rank, Base attack bonus +3 You can choose to leave your victims alive when they might otherwise die
Savage Critical Str 13, Power Attack, Weapon Focus, Base attack bonus +5 Your critical hits are more powerful.
Spiked Chain Focus Drow, Proficiency with Spiked Chain, Two-Weapon Fighting, Base Attack Bonus +1 You are trained by the master drow cave-stalkers in the arts of spiked chain fighting.
Still Weapon Technique Improved Unarmed Strike, Dexterity 14 A way to expand your options as a bare fist fighter.
Suppressing Weapon Focus Proficiency with selected weapon, Weapon Focus with selected weapon, base attack bonus +1. Turn the special abilities of your weapon on and off.
Two-Weapon Focus Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (with the selected weapon), Dexterity 18, Base Attack Bonus +11 Two-weapon fighting is easier for you when fighting with two matching weapons.
Unerring Weapon Int 12, Weapon Focus with weapon, Weapon Specialization with weapon, base attack bonus 12+ You possess masterful control over your weapon and perform precise strikes with it.
Weapon Focus, Variant Proficiency with selected weapon, BAB +1. A variant of the weapon focus feat that our group uses a lot.
Weapon Manipulation Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, BAB +4.
Weapon Reliability Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Focus, Base attack bonus +10 Your skill with your chosen weapon means that you don’t miss the easy ones.
Whip Focus Weapon Proficiency: Whip, Dex 16 You are very skilled with the technical aspects of using a whip
Wrap Shot Weapon Focus (any One Flexible Weapon) You have learned to swing your flexible weapon around obstructions.
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