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These feats require you to be a B'er'den in order to take them.

B'er'den Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Beholder Bloodline B'er'den You have tapped more deeply into your inherited bloodline than most others, and as a result a fully functional stalked eye has sprouted from your back.
Curled Backbone B'er'den The bones and muscles of your back begin to take on the hardened, curved properties of your beholder ancestors.
Greater Curled Backbone B'er'den The extreme deformities of your back, ribs and muscles afford you an even greater level of protection.
Improved Curled Backbone B'er'den Your malformed spine becomes even more of a protective shell when you are curled
Independent Eyes B'er'den You have mastered using your stored spells in synchronization.
Telekinetic Eye Ray B'er'den You have learned to tap even deeper into your inherited bloodline, and have reaped the rewards in the form of a telekinetic ray emminating from one of your eyes.
The Growing Maw B'er'den, Fifth level in any class Your studies and mental effort pay off, and you become even more Beholder-like, as beneath the eye on your back, a large maw begins to grow.
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