183mm FR-1 Howitzer (D20 Modern Equipment)

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PL 5 Global Defence Initiative 183mm FR-1 Howitzer (N/A (Artillery Gun))

Damage Direct Hit - Instant Death

Splash Damage - 12d12 explosive damage, and 5d12 Fire damage

Magazine Single Shot Two-part Shell
Critical No Critical Size Gargantuan
Damage Type Explosive, Fire Weight 180 lbs.
Range Increment Approximately 1.5 miles Purchase DC Unbelievably high, so good luck. DC 55
Rate of Fire Rate of Fire? About... 3 a minute. Restriction Illegal Military (+10)


The 183mm FR-1 is an extensive GDI modification of the 7.2 inch howitzer that was used by the British during the Second World War. The British 7.2-inch was a magnificent gun, and the FR-1 improves upon the 7.2-inch with payload, rate of fire and range. The original 7.2-inch gun had a range of 0.8 miles, but the FR-1 has nearly twice the distance. The FR-1 is also mounted on the M2A2 Medium Tank, which acts as a self-propelled assault gun against Nod tanks. The FR-1 is capable of penetrating up to 390mm of armour at 1000 metres using AP/F/DS ammunition, and even more at closer ranges, and can demolish an Obelisk of Light whilst remaining out of range of the LASER beam.

d20 Modern Rules[edit]

The FR-1 is an artillery gun, and as such cannot be moved or crewed by one man alone. You will need to team up to fire this colossal gun.

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