Ætheric Aura (5e Spell)

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Ætheric Aura
5th-level Evocation
Range: Self
Components: V, S, M (A diamond worth 500gp set in a magnet)
Duration: 10 minutes (Concentration)

Quintessential energy envelops an area around, in a 30 ft-radius sphere, which moves with you. For the spell's duration, friendly creatures (including yourself) who start their turn in the aura, or are in it at the time of casting, gain a +1 bonus to AC, a 15ft bonus to walking speed, and a +1 bonus on saving throws until the start of their next turn. They also take no damage if they successfully save against an effect, if they'd only take half damage otherwise. When casting this spell, and as an action during the duration, you may deal 4d6 force damage to hostile creatures in the aura.

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