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The largest of the Religions on old Korad before the slow fall of Aeoryran. It's falsely monotheistic as really the other gods exist and its tenets about the rest of the world are largely false. Though monotheistic and it has only one true god, there are two rival Gods that fights over the same religion. Both consider themselves the one.

The ruling classes are seen as manifestations of the One God, and are allowed all manner of sinful pleasures. Tranquility and peace is the ultimate goal of all Chorians. Beauty and happiness are seen as religious experiences beyond body and the sinful world.

It values building churches, and religious art as the highest form of prayers. Art and knowledge only exists for religion and most of the population are though to to life simple and poor lives.

Its core tenets are the eternal rependence from birth to death for existing. It preach non-conformism to all normal and everyday aspects of life and through eternally finding new ways to sacrifice oneself for unselfishness itself. Death is seen as the source of all good because they believe they will go into heaven. The gods actually despise these believers so much they send them to a special hell just because of their disrespect for life.

Science and magical sciences, are sinful. Reading is sinful but the religion encourage a great deal of writers but only priests with special spiritual training, have the right to read and write.

Baal (The Shield of Heaven) Baal, the King of Patriarchs is the creator of the world and created the world as a perfect place. But because humanity wanted and wanted to exist mankind thus wanted to live in an evil and ever tormenting world. Baal command strict harmony between the material and spiritual but where the spiritual is superior and the flesh merely forgivable. Baal, is extreme authority figure whose will gives mankind their values. All who doesn't believe in baal wants to die and deserve to die, its their own will.

Dragon. The Dragon command pure spirit with no consideration to the material. As such it preach rebellion against all materially connected spirits, gods and religions. Death is seen as the source of all good and martyrdom the path to pure spiritual form.

The Dragon created mankind from his blood and from his fire came the original sin that all humans are born with. Worship to him demand weekly drinking of human blood. He was a minor God of War and Peace who fell from grace after his rebellion in Heaven. He commands that the enemy is guilty of a righteous war and still command the eternal repentance for the sin of fighting in necessary wars. Words of the Dragon-If you live by the sword you die by the sword!

On Earth he walked as a prophet preaching absolute pacifism but was crucified on a sword by Human King who was blinded by evil- When he was crucified on the sword he resurrected as pure spirit and promised to take with him all his followers to the true heaven if they destroyed the world. Resurrected he breathed the fire of faith to his Apostles, granting them spells making them paladins and clerics. The sword the dragon was crucified on become purified of his blood and passed along his followers as the sign of the true King for all true believers.

Only in the destruction of the world can the Dragon return!

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