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Creating a Zombine[edit]

Zombine are much like zombies, only they retain some of their former sentience. They are driven to kill by cravings for flesh.

Zombine are like zombies, but retain some personality and aren't necessarily evil. However, they feel the urge to consume flesh.

The skin is light green tone, or greyish tone.

Creating a Zombine[edit]

"Zombine" is an aqquired template given to creatures who were resurrected as the undead. As a variant rule only, "zombie" becomes "zombine" on the "Create Undead" spell chart. So, what would be resurrected as a zombie would now be a zombine. Alternatively, it could be a choice made by the necromancer. Either way, it allows for zombine to be more interesting monsters.

Size and Type[edit]

No size changes. Will saves made by zombine automatically succeed as a natural 20.

Hit Dice[edit]

All current and future hd become d12s.


See below for speed changes.

Armor Class[edit]

None other than dexterity change


As the base race's normal attack.

Full Attack[edit]

As normal.

Special Attacks[edit]

See below.

Special Qualities[edit]

Zombine are of one of a set of archetypes, chosen by the necromancer.

Dashers gain Fast movement in addition to becoming undead. They are leaner than the original creature but similar. Freaks can spit a special dexterity/constitution damage poison. They also get Shriek, usable 3/day. They are hideous. Munchers can consume corpses, healing half (rounded down) the corpse's original hp. In addition, they are always ravenously hungry. They look the most like the original creature, with hair colour, facial features except for eyes (now black and shiny), and even body type-but they are more corpulent versions. Their speed is 20ft. regardless of original speed, and their dexterity is always 3.

All Zombine are immune to flame, frost, and critical hits. They have fast healing/2, and will regenerate all wounds if not completely destroyed (torn to shreds, etc.).


See above.




Munchers have all DEX based feats replaced by Toughness.


Ruined cities or marshes.



Challenge Rating[edit]

Highly variable.


Usually none unless the necromancer was nice/stupid/loathed material wealth


Chaotic Neutral (or Lawful Neutral if Necromancer is currently controlling them).


By HD or character class if the base creature had one (or more)

Level Adjustment[edit]

Because zombine must be created, no one can acquire this template.

Also, it is probably too poweful for players.

However, +4 LA is recommended, if players do make a zombine character.

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