Zokusho's Sword Tactical Encounters (Zokusho's Sword Supplement)

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Encounter One[edit]

The first room is a fourty by fourty foot room with crumbling cobblestone. The north-west corner is a pool of water (this is the entrance the heroes enter through). There are two doors; the door on the south wall leads into the rest of the catacombs (the DM can populate these as he will; they are unimportant to the rest of the adventure). The door on the east wall leads into a 10 foot wide passageway. The room is largely covered in moss, and a large heap of rotting vegetable matter sits in the north-east corner (10 by 10 ft.). The room is also populated by a giant stone statue centered directly in the middle of the room (also 10 by 10 ft.). When a character approaches within ten feet of the statue, it animates and attacks. Drawn by the movement of the statue, the plant begins to rustle and enters the fray (it is intelligent and thus will not attack the stone golem).

Guardians: A Stone Golem and Shambling Mound.
Treasure: Bag of 100 pp under a loose cobblestone in the north-east corner of the room (Search DC 20).

Encounter Two[edit]

At the end of the hallway (25 feet long) is another 40 by 40 ft. room. The room has a door on the far (eastern) wall. Beyond this door is a short passage to a ladder which descends into a grand crypt where the Sword of Zukosho lies upon a bier (the vampire lieutenant is hidden nearby in his portable hole). The room is inhabited by several undead creatures (it appears to be some sort of minor base of operations for a pair of Mohrgs, perhaps in alliance with the Nagas outside).

Guardians: Two Mohrg and two large Zombies.
Treasure: Chest with scraps of cloth and a wand of Cone of Cold with 23 charges remaining.

Encounter Three[edit]

If the mohrgs in the second room are not defeated in 6 rounds, one flees to the north-east corner of the wall and presses a secret button that opens a secret room. From the room come 2 more Grey Render Zombies and a large, deep purple colored ooze. If the mohrgs do not open the door, it can be discovered with a DC 18 search check.

Guardians: Two large Zombies and an Ochre Jelly.
Treasure: A chest with 250 gp and a ring of protection +2.

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