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Symbol: An iron hammer
Home Plane: Elemental Plane of Earth
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Golems and Colossi
Clergy Alignments: Zirobo grants no spells.
Domains: Zirobo grants no spells.
Favored Weapon: Greatsword

Zirobo is a carefree deity. He gave iron to the creatures of the Material Plane, but was punished by the other gods for it. They destroyed his body except for one finger, into which they put his soul. A story about his reincarnation follows.

Zirobo was furious at the gods and, being a skilled craftsman, he built himself a colossal body and put his soul into it. From then on, Zirobo was know as the Sealed Colossus. Zirobo then made more of these "colossi" and ordered them to "shake the heavens;" Obeying, the colossi reached their great arms and grasped the heavens with their mighty hands and began to shake. The other gods were very disturbed and couldn't do their duties, and clerics received no spells. At the same time, the colossi were also stomping on the ground and disturbed the hellish gods. This time, therefore, was called the golden age. The gods soon forgave Zirobo and from that moment on he was content.

Zirobo has no temples and no dogma.

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