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The realm of Zen is occupied by a deity. That goddess is Zendra. Her plane is enormous.

Authors notes[edit]

You should only use this realm if you have a follower of Zendra in your party.

Goddess powers[edit]

she gives her followers the power of 18 charisma and the follower can Live 100 years longer than normal.

Plane Traits[edit]

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: Light. Zendra wants her visitors to feel lighter.
  • Time: Endless. Zendra can change the time at will, since she is the goddess of time. She changes it depending on her mood.
  • Size: Infinite. She is the goddess of Infinity isn't she??
  • Morphic: She changes the look of her realm depending on her mood or if she gets bored of the old one.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Elemental Dominance: None
  • Energy Dominance: None
  • Alignment Trait: Any. Zendra doesn't care about alignment.
  • Magic Trait: Any magic used to heal. Any magic that won't hurt people or things. Zendra hates violence in her realm.

Plane Links[edit]

If you are a follower of Zendra, she will teleport you and your allies to her realm if you are in extreme danger. (10% chance) She gives everyone of her followers a necklace that has 4 charms on it. If you rub one of the charms and say her name, you will get teleported to her realm. (this way her followers can report on how their mission is going).

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

  • Aurumvorax - travel throughout the realm. Zendra has a few of them as pets.
  • Bear- every type of bear.
  • Behir - Zendra uses these types of creatures as body guards. Can be found in cave like areas of her realm.
  • Bird - Zendra hunts these birds for food.
  • Bulette - Zendra uses these "tanks" as body guards. In exchange, the bulettes get shelter.
  • Carrion Crawlers - Zendra hates these creatures and makes the Behirs hunt them.
  • Cats - Zendra enjoys these creatures.
  • Couatl - Zendra enjoys these creatures.
  • Crabmen - Zendra enjoys hunting these creatures as food.
  • Dog - Zendra enjoys these creatures.
  • Dryad - this is a realm of a goddess whose domain is beauty isn't it? She enjoys the company of Dryads.
  • Griffon - she enjoys these creatures.
  • Grippli - she enjoys these little frog warriors.
  • Lizardmen - she enjoys having these creatures as company. She has a few followers who are lizardmen.
  • Mindflayer - she enjoys having these "odd" creatures in her realm. That way she can observe them.
  • Nymphs - this is a realm of beauty. She enjoys having creatures that are just as beautiful as her.
  • Pegasus - she enjoys having mystical creatures in her realm.
  • Phargion - all the kinds of these creatures.
  • Phoenix - she enjoys having mystical creatures in her realm.
  • Zendra - Obviously. Why wouldn't the goddess of a realm be here!?
  • Followers - she allows some of her followers to stay here.

Movement and Combat[edit]


Features of the Plane[edit]

Zendra's Palace In the center of Zen is Zendra's palace. On the outside, it looks like a small house with 2 floors. On the inside however, there are 3 floors.. The room is silver, with a throne all the way in the back. This is the 1st floor. There is a crystal ball to the left of the throne. She also has a library here. A bookshelf is located in a corner, and it contains several books, each one titled Everything I know about _____ the blank contains a subject. The other floors are for followers that are visiting for healing.

Sentient Portal Located behind the plane is the sentient portal. The portal is disguised as a small lake with a waterfall. The waterfall, is the portal. Go through it and you will be teleported to the last place you were before you came to the realm. The portal is the only way out of Zen.

Morgue Located on the side of the palace. In the morgue are the bodies of her fallen followers. She has respect for her followers. This is also where her treasury is.

Plane Encounters[edit]

All who enter this realm are greeted by a follower within 10 seconds of entering. If this greeter is killed. Then 1d4 Phargions will start rolling and attack.

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