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Size/Type: Large Outsider
Hit Dice: 14d8+112 (168 hp)
Initiative: 7
Speed: 30ft
Armor Class: 20(-1 Size, +7 Dex, + 4 Natural), touch 16, flat-footed 13
Base Attack/Grapple: +12/+16
Attack: Claw+16 (2d6+4), Holy, Shock+22
Full Attack: Kill+22, Condemnation+22
Space/Reach: 10/10
Special Attacks: Holy, Shock, Kill, Condemnation
Special Qualities: Libra, Immunity to Fire, Immunity to Cold, Immunity to Shock, Immunity to Acid, Immunity to Sonic, Weakness to Positive Energy
Saves: Fort 26, Ref 25, Will 28
Abilities: Str 18, Dex 24, Con 26, Int 30, Wis 30, Cha 30
Skills: Knowledge (Planes) +16, Knowledge (Religion) +16
Feats: Armor Skinx4, Improved Natural Attack (Claw), Fast Healing 4,
Environment: Crypts, Graveyards, or where ever its summoner wills it.
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 20
Treasure: Ring of Gemini
Alignment: True Neutral, or that of its summoner
Advancement: N/A
Level Adjustment: +2

A being that controls life and death, Zalera is a powerful being. His body is covered in a steel shell, colored in otherworldly blues and golds. His feet seem to curve into hooks, and the joints of his knees flatten into large spikes. His head is the only visible part of his body, aside from his left hand, both of which are pure white skeleton bones, his skull once bleached pure white, now stained with the sins of souls. His left hand outstretches, his hand curls into a sinister point. A cloak, turn and stained in sin drapes down the right side of his back along his right arm. His right arm, along the bottom, creates points of metal-like feathers, and as it reaches where his lower arm, wrist, and hand should be, end in a plume of sickly purple feathers. On top of his arm, however, is the upper body of a female. A shamaness, her eyes are masked in a blinder, and her fair, deep purple hair hangs over Zalera's body. She never speaks, only screams in pain as she feels the energies of Zalera.

Zalera speaks Common, Undercommon, and Necril


Holy: Being the Death Seraph, Zalera is surging with Holy energies. While he posses the power of life, Zalera will only use it on himself. Zalera will cast Holy on himself when his health is blow 90%. For each time Zalera uses it, the minimum at which he will cast it drops by 5%. Zalera will stop attacking and cast Holy on itself when the percent triggers, which will stop at 35%. Once at that, Zalera will delay Holy by one round (if Zalera cast Holy at 35%, he will cast it again on his second turn. After that, he will cast it three turns following that, and so on and so forth). Holy follows the spell Cure Serious Wounds, healing 3d8 +15 damage on himself.

Shock*: Using his claw only as a last resort, Zalera uses the spell Shock at almost every attempt. The spell follows the spell Ruin. However, Zalera willingly defaults it to the lowest damage (1d6) on the first strike of a target. Every time Zalera casts Shock on a target, he increases the damage by 1d6, to a maximum of 20d6. Hopefully, Zalera is killed before he reaches the maximum damage of Shock. The Fortitude save DC to resist half damage is 25.

Kill*: Life and death are mere shows in the eyes of Zalera. As a show of his power, Zalera will cast Kill on the first target to strike him. This spell follows the rules for the spell Power Word: Kill. If the target has over 101 HP, Zalera will cast Kill on the nearest, valid target once struck. Zalera, once casting it, will back down from attacking if his rivals agree to stand down or flee. If they continue, Zalera will cast Kill only when one mocks him or his power, insults him, or shows to Zalera that someone, simply put, is a waste of flesh. Zalera will not cast Kill on those who worship gods of death, darkness, or those of the like; or those who stand down, show repentance, flee, or shown reverence to Zalera; or finally, if more than half of the party is dead and/or bleeding out or stabilized. With each kill, he will offer his chance to flee.

Condemnation^: The true show of Zalera's power over life and death. Gathering energies most foul and most holy, Zalera assaults the battlefield in a massive onslaught of waves of positive and negative energy, as the shamaness in his clutches wails a painful cry of sorrow and fear. The energies mingling with each other quickly and painfully break down the bodies of anything unfortunate enough to be caught in its wake. The power causes such immense pain and burning, that even their very soul is at risk of being shredded by the titanic show of life and death. This spell follows the rules of Power Word: Kill, except it has an area of 400ft, and has an HP maximum of 201. Those who die from this attack are not killed, they are brought to the lowest possible negative value before they would be killed and are automatically stabilized as a show of mercy. As with the spell Kill, this will not effect worshipers of gods of death, darkness, or the like. Zalera will only cast this when his HP is below 30%, and will only cast it once per encounter, even if his HP reaches above 30% again. Whether or not the adventurers have a way to heal after being brought to the negative values, however, is not of Zalera's concern, and will leave them as they are.

* The marked skills deal NEGATIVE ENERGY DAMAGE, thereby rendering Zalera unable to damage those that are healed by Negative Energy, unless by his claw attack.

^ Condemnation is NEITHER positive NOR negative energy based.

Libra: Magical energies surge through Zalera blood. Zalera has a permanent deathwatch spell, and can 'see' the numerical value of the health of his targets. Zalera's Libra skill is different from that of the others. He can also see the names of the gods of whom he looks at, vital for his spell Kill.

CREATIVE CLAUSE: I DO NOT OWN ZALERA! This is merely a fanwork. Zalera, names, abilities, and the likes used in this are own by Final Fantasy and all other creative rights. This is simply a FAN CREATION! I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR THE CREATION OF ZALERA!

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