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Youthful Draught: This treasured potion restores one creature to their physical prime. The creature that drinks this potion instantly becomes their starting adulthood age for their race and rerolls for Simple, Moderate, or Complex modifier for either all their current classes (if applicable) or the class which they have the most levels in. For example, a Human Fighter 5/ Rogue 1 / Duelist 2 is currently a duelist, which has no age modifier listed. Since the character has more fighter levels than anything, they would have their age reduced to 15 + 1d6 years old.

This potion removes penalties from aging but leaves bonuses untouched. The drinker must succeed at a DC 15 Fortitude save for the potion to take effect. If the subject fails this save, than they return to their normal physical age on the following round and the potion has no effect. If the subject fails this save by more than 5 and if they have been effected by age reduction spells before, or have ever had their age magically reduced by any other spell or effect like a Limited Wish, Wish or Miracle ever before this, then the subject regains all of their lost years. If this ages the subject past their normal life span, then they die immediately. If this amount is at least 5 years more than their normal life span, the subject also crumbles into a pile of dry, loose dust within a round.

A drinker can also slowly imbibe this potion, lessening its effects after the first sip. Drinking a lessened youthful draught only reduces one's age by 1d12 years.

Strong necromancy;CL 12; Brew potion, Craft Wondrous Item, Kissed by the AgesDrMg354,54, restoration; Cost 1,800 gp (4 ripened fruits); Weight: 1 lb. lb.; Market Price: 15,000 GP

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