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Fox-man, Kitsune, trickster of the forest; all of these are names for the same creature. These anthropomorphic foxes have built their reputations as quick witted and guile.


They tend to have a dry and quick sense of humor that takes some getting used to. They have a love for pranks and subterfuge but seldom hold any true hostility until physically threatened. When they meet someone for the first time they may make fun of the new person using metaphor and humor and judge the recipient as stupid if they do not understand or as hostile if they take it personally.

Physical Description[edit]

They are tall and often of a slight build. their most common coloration is a burnt orange coat of fur that fades to black at the extremities. Those from mountainous areas or arctic climates tend to be brown or even pure white. Kitsune have canine heads and features yet they stand upright like other humanoid races. They have at least one floor length bushy tail that tends to move with their mood. Their tails always come in odd numbers and their number seems to loosely correlate with their age and power.


Their tendency to enjoy fast paced work punctuated with idle leisure makes lawful ones uncommon.


They live in a fast paced society full of commerce and action. They often organize themselves into clans that are made up of several main large families. They readily assimilate into cosmopolitan societies. They have a reputation for being pleasure seekers in their social lives which is for the most part deserved.


They are confidant and very sure of themselves perhaps to a fault. They work with all other willing races but often look down on ones that refuse to respect them.


Common. Sylvan.


Armed with a razor sharp whit many seek to make a quick buck and get ahead in life. Clerics are relatively uncommon and paladins are almost unheard of, but they favor a wide variety of endeavors.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +6 to Charisma and Intelligence -4 strength
  • +2 to Bluff and Diplomacy
  • Bluff and diplomacy are always considered class skills for the Kitsune.
  • Low light vision
  • 1/day per 3 levels (minimum one) Disguise Self with a caster level equal to the character level. The save is based on Charisma. This spell cannot completely hide your tail(s) so one must be cautious of this giveaway. Anyone familiar with Kitsune magic gains a +5 toward penetrating their disguise.
  • Kitsune Magic: once per day Kitsune with 11 or more charisma may cast one of the following: Prestidigitation, Ghost Sound, and mage hand. the DC for these spells is 11+ the spells level + the Kitsune's charisma modifierr.
  • +2 on saves to resist enchantment
  • any illusion spells cast by the Kitsune have their DCs increased by 1.
  • Favored class: Rogue or Wizard

Vital Statistics[edit]

They have the same age, height, and weight as elves.

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