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Stone Colossi of Graatel
Size/Type: Colossal Construct (Augmented Outsider, Abomination)
Hit Dice: 200d12+5000 (7400 hp)
Initiative: -20
Speed: 1000 ft.
Armor Class: 180 (size -8, natural 120, deflection 50), touch 52, flat-footed 172
Base Attack/Grapple: +60/+126 (40+16+70)
Attack: Slam +130 (12d12+90, 18-20/x4) or Volcanic Expulsion +60 (12d10+200 fire based damage range 10,000ft.)
Full Attack: Slam +130/+125/+120/+120 (12d12+90, 18-20/x4) and Trample (4d6x100) or Volcanic Expulsion +60 (12d10+200 fire based damage range 10,000ft.)
Space/Reach: 1800 ft./4500 ft.
Special Attacks: Great Quake, Earth Slam, Volcano, Rock Fall, Great Upheaval
Special Qualities: Construct Traits, Abomination Traits,, Abberation Traits, Divine Null, Regeneration 500, Spell Immunity, DR 100/epic, cold iron, silver and sonic, 100% Fortification
Saves: Fort +63, Ref +38, Will +38
Abilities: Str 150, Dex 10, Con -, Int -, Wis 10, Cha 1
Environment: Any
Organization: Singular
Challenge Rating: 116
Treasure: None
Alignment: N/A
Level Adjustment:

Ygrdymsrl, the stone Colossi, eater of worlds, consumer of suns, crusher of gods. This Colossi is known by many names, all of which give accurate descriptions of what it is capable of and what it would do if allowed to rampage unchecked. Ygrdymsrl has slept since crashing into Graatels surface at the beginning of time before Kelvrocek was assigned as the Over Deity for the region. Ygrdymsrl is a fearsome foe impervious to attack without the proper rites and equipment; even armed with the correct equipment and rites Ygrdymsrl is a terrible foe, capable of laying waste to large areas swiftly.

Ygrdymsrl also possess an incredibly rare and powerful trait that is shared by the other 11 Colossi. Divine Null is a trait that prevents a god from being able to use its divine power against this monstrosity, making an assault on Ygrdymsrl as foolhardy as an adventurers. Further any creature killed by Ygrdymsrl counts as being killed on its home plane, so even great demon contingents or heavenly hosts would prefer to avoid this creature instead of meeting it in battle.

The Rite of Sundering is necessary to kill Ygrdymsrl; the rite suspends the following abilities of the Colossi: regeneration, spell immunity, and it reduces the DR to 30/epic. The Blades of Vaos a series of weapons inflict 10 times their damage upon Ygrdymsrl, and the Larminas vestments provide protection universally against all Colossi, making vanquishing the Colossi much easier.


Ygrdymsrl is fearsome in combat, though often his opponents are unnoticied by him. In order for Ygrdymsrl to effectively be engaged someone must inflict damage upon the Colossi; if the individual cannot gain notice it is likely that they will be trampled by the walking mountain.

Great Quake (Ex): Ygrdymsrl will occasionally leap into the air causing the earth to shake for miles around. If Ygrdymsrl leaps and the characters are within 5 miles they will be violently tossed hundreds of feet into the air. Fall damage is calculated as if the individual fell from a height of 500 feet. This ability is rarely used in combat as the Colossi has more devastating attacks at hand.

Earth Slam (Ex): When Ygrdymsrl is engaged he normally leads combat by slamming his fist into the ground causing a


Rock Fall

Great Upheaval

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