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Worm That Walks[edit]

When a being of terrible evil is slain or a magician laid to rest in a place overflowing with negative energy, there is a chance that the worms that feast on their rotting corpse will begin to change, gradually moving into the corpse and beginning to breed there. Eventually there are hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, swarming around what is left of the skeleton. And that is when, as a cold and twisted sentience seeps back into the corpses remains, the body begins to move. Worms That Walk retain a twisted and evil version of their previous personality, but all love and kindness is gone from them, replaced by one, insatiable urge: to Feed.


To qualify for this template, a creature must be a humanoid, monstrosity or giant. It must have some form of trained or innate spellcasting (note that psionics does not count, but both divine and arcane are allowable [though the source of any divine power must be evil]).


A Worm That Walks recieves a +2 bonus to its Strength and +3 to Constitution (which may take its constitution above twenty). It loses a point of Dexterity. Equipment. The Worm That Walks does not use weapons or wear armour, but they often wear masks and ragged cloaks - sometimes even their own shrouds - to hide their true nature. Abilities. Regeneration - a Worm That Walks regenerates 10 hit points of damage each round, as new worms crawl out of its writhing mass at an incredible rate to replace those lost.

Damage Immunities. A Worm That Walks is immune to poison and nonmagical piercing damage.

Damage Resistances. A Worm That Walks is resistant to nonmagical bludgeoning and slashing damage, as well as necrotic damage.

Condition Immunities. A Worm That Walks can never be prone, stunned, unconscious, poisoned, charmed or frightened.

Languages A Worm That Walks speaks all languages that it spoke in life. However, it "speaks" telepathically. This is NOT the same as normal telepathy in that only creatures that know the language it is speaking in can understand it.

Alignment A Worm That Walks is always neutral or chaotic evil.


A worm that walks gains a new action: Writhing Hands. It uses this a number of times equal to any multiattack it may have previously had. This is a strength based attack, dealing 1d(hit dice)+Con necrotic damage on a hit. Any other attacks the creature may have had (aside from magic and innate magic) are lost.

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